For the past eleven years, we have successfully given home care and support to orphans and abandoned children of HIV positive parents, unwed Mother & destitute children. We provide these children a home environment.

“CHILD” brings about a social-transformation in the lives of young children who have been orphaned and ostracized for no fault of theirs. These children come from very poor socio-economic backgrounds in which they’ve either lost their parents to HIV/AIDS or are the abandoned children of commercial sex workers or destitute women. CHILD is bringing them to average living of these young children, by providing them with an environment conducive to holistic growth and development.

A key facet of CHILD is to provide an upbringing for our children that will ensure to become exceptional global citizens with great values and also integrate seamlessly into the mainstream society.

Furthermore, they are living in a family setting that makes them realize the family values and enables them to develop trust among one another



To provide resident facility to the people who are destitute, homeless, orphan and children of HIV positive parents. To support and equip children get under child right needs.



  • To provide basic amenities such as food, clothing and shelter
  • To provide formal and non formal education for the children
  • To create better opportunity for children through self development programmes
  • To fight for the fundamental child rights of children
  • To provide physical, mental and moral support to children.



  1. Computer training.
  2. Value Education
  3. Picnics, for developing social skills
  4. Dance and drama, to kindle their artistic talents and for improving their art appreciation skills.
  5. Sports activities for entertainment, exercise and development like Yoga and Karate of team spirit.


Our inmates:

Master.Naveen after completed his XII std he joined in Vivekananda College at Mylapore for his graduation. And he also works at Lifestyle as a part time. Now he can also able to manage his expences and stand on his own feet.

Master.Moorthy completed his higher studies he joined in ITI. He is also getting the training at their now he can able to manage himself.