Charity Facility

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Since computer literacy assumes paramount importance to people of all walks of life. Teaching computer skills to children in government school will motivate them to reach a higher level. This project has been initiated mainly to offer computer literacy in software to children who are studying in Government schools and raise awareness of the community as a whole about computer literacy and its importance. This project in Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School which is located in Sidco Nagar, Villivakkam and it is one of the most affected areas during the recent rain flood. We have planned to train more than 500 children in this year.Would you like to sponsorOwing to cost inflation we are unable to meet our monthly recurring expenses and are reaching out to you seeking your support by becoming one of our sponsors. A small contribution by everyone of you can make a big difference. All of us will be grateful to you for life!

Computer Classes

Small Computer lab room for teaching computer skills to our children.

Trainer KV.Prasad
Coding specialist

Special Tuitions

Special tuitions for our children at "CHILD" for better understanding at their schools.

Trainer Mr.Ram
Higher Secondary School Teacher

Kitchen and Dinning

Well equipped Kitchen for cattering heigenic nutritious food for our children at "CHILD"

Chef Ms.Malini
Regular Chef

Yoga and Health

Yogasana and Regular physical fitness exercise for our children at "CHILD"

Master Ms.Gomathi
Yoga Master

Medical Check up

Regular Medical check-up and treatment for our children at "CHILD"

Visiting Doctors


Regular field trips organized to our children for various places in India.

Visiting Doctors