“CHILD” brings about a social-transformation in the lives of young children who have been orphaned and ostracized for no fault of theirs. These children come from very poor socio-economic backgrounds in which they’ve either lost their parents to HIV/AIDS or are the abandoned children of commercial sex workers or destitute women. CHILD is bringing them to average living of these young children, by providing them with an environment conducive to holistic growth and development. A key facet of CHILD is to provide an upbringing for our children that will ensure to become exceptional global citizens with great values and also integrate seamlessly into the mainstream society. More..



ISAG means – A mentor supporting A deserving girl for the holistic development of the child in Psycho social development, educational development, Health & physical development and other basic amenities by providing her love, care and support not as an donor but thinking her as a part of their family. In ISAG project, each mentor is paired with a deserving girl child who is being identified from our end. More..



Computer Skills are predominantly required to perform any kind of job in a short time because in this fast growing corporate world, the top management wants their employees to be smart and efficient in work. It provides an ample of information and simplifies our searching process. It also helps us to update our knowledge then and then. A quote also says that, “keep update yourself otherwise you will be outdated”, which clearly suits above said explanation. More..