Senthil Kumar

When he started the Home it was in a small rented building, inadequate to house a lot of children but the need for help was great. The innocent children that have been stigmatized by their parents’ misfortune were suffering on the streets of Chennai. It is really a Home for the children, not so much an orphanage, because they are treated like brothers, equals that are given all the love and attention so they can grow in responsible, educated and emphatic adults. I was amazed at how the children helped each other; the older ones took care of the younger ones, helped them with their school work and support them in their efforts to learn new skills. The children are also educated with the help of moral stories that also encourage the children to be fair and honest to themselves and people around them. Since 2005 Senthil’s initiative has grown and developed significantly. With a lot of effort and also help from the trustees and donors from around the world new projects, new spaces and new activities have been formed that aim to change the involved children for the better. Senthil efforts already show great results and impact, where it matters, in the lives of the children. The children excel in school and in the extracurricular activities. Children are offered a good education to reach their goals in life. Many children get the best grades in many school subjects as well as excel in Karate and Silambam activities. Some are good at drawing and other art and craft activities. More than just restoring the children's dignity the home also restores them hope since the kids have a feel at home environment to have peace of mind and achieve their goals and attain great heights in their lives.