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About Child Fund raising Charity

Our History

CHILD is a registered non-governmental organization. During the year 2005, many areas witnessed a lot of people affected by HIV/AIDS in and around Chennai and Thiruvallur district, resulting in the ambiguity of the children of the HIV affected parents. The children were stigmatized due to the reason that their parent were infected by HIV which affected the children's future very much. They did not have proper residential facility, some families were forcefully asked to be moved out of the locality due to this. Their education was a big question mark which had to decide their future.

Hence CHILD evolved to bring a change in the these little children's future by providing basic amenities, education and also support extra-curricular activities to brighten their life with lots of colours & light and make them proud citizens of the world.

Since 2005, the organization holistic support for needy children like care and support, education, medical, networking, skill development, nutritional support, life and computer skills. A key facet of CHILD is to provide an upbringing for our children that will ensure to become exceptional global citizens with great values and also integrate seamlessly into the mainstream society.

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