Child Plan

Child Plan

This project has been initiated in the year 2005 mainly to offer protection to children who are stigmatised and burdened by the fact that they are from families with HIV/AIDS or abandoned children or destitute children. This project provides a home like environment with complete emotional and psychological support besides nurturing the talents within each child. Now we have 22 children at CHILD home who are being supported by financial aid for their education and also being supported in meeting their other basic amenities.

ISAG- "I SUPPORT A GIRL" from 2015

ISAG project is being initiated to improve the children's standard of living by providing financial support for education and also empower them by providing basic amenities in a dignified manner. It is being operated in the areas of Chennai & Tiruvallur. The target population of ISAG project consists of girl children from families with  parents living with HIV/AIDS, commercial sex workers, broken families and destitute children. The living conditions of these children are way below the minimum standards and their basic needs of educational and emotional neds are rarely met. So far, 126 children are being supported by means of this program. This program has been extremely successful in which these girls are doing very well in academics and around 30 of them have already gainfully employed, uplifting their families in the process with our help and are living independently. Currently, 95 girls are currently supported from this project.


Vocational training center for girl children is meant to help girls impacted by HIV, school dropouts, girls raised by single parents and coming from poor families, girls from destitute background and from generally those coming from lower socio-economic sections.

Social Need

Despite of the best effort to educate every girl child around us, unfortunately the skill enablement is not up to the mark that would make them ready for the job market and empower them with employability skills and help the girls in survival in the most competitive job market today.

There is dire need to fill this gap to enable every student is equipped with the right skills along with the academic qualifications which the current programs of Child Home are already providing with. Hence the proposal to start a free skill development centre which would provide vocation training to girls to empower them find and sustain in employment and help their families survive and improve their standard of living

Objectives of the proposed Vocation Training Centre

The Objectives include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide skill-based training and certification to development required market skills
  • Improve their communications, confidence, and courage to face challenges
  • Readiness for respective employment opportunities coupled with academic qualifications
  • Ensure every girl child can bridge the gap between the Campus knowledge and the Corporate/ Job Market demands

Who will benefit from this program and VTC?

  • Girl children/ students from destitute background & economically challenges households
  • HIV effected/ infected girls from families stigmatized with HIV
  • School and College dropouts looking for jobs
  • Girls and Young Women in and around Chennai, Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram Districts
  • Initial idea is to focus on the children from North Chennai and nearby areas and then slowly spread to few villages within the vicinity and reach of Child Home

What are we going to offer?

  • Communication Skills
  • Competitive and Government Exams Training and support
  • Spoken English to enable students to attend interviews and succeed in job execution
  • Computer Knowledge Skills
  • Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain, Goods delivery and Service Sector Skills
  • Retail Marketing & Managing customer
  • Tally & Accounting skills for Commerce students
  • Other home-based skills for minimal entrepreneurial beginning like Baking & Tailoring

Ways to Support

  • 1. Food donations
  • a) Breakfast- 1500/day
  • b) Lunch- Veg- 2000/day | Non Veg- 2500/day
  • 2. Drinking water- 180 cans / month
  • 3. Milk- 120L
  • 4. Rice - 100kg/Month
  • 5. Vegetables- 300/day or 10000/month
  • 6. Doctor's visit and medicines- General Contribution
  • 7. Counselling- 2000/Month
  • 8. Tutoring for children- General Contribution
  • 9. Groceries- 15000/Month
  • 10. General donations - Any Amount
  • 11. Hairdressing - 2000/Month
  • 12. Hygiene needs - 3000/Month
  • 13. Educational needs
  • a) Uniform - 2500/kid/year
  • b) School Fees - General Contribution
  • c) Stationary - General Contribution
  • 14. Home maintenance (includes Staff Salary and EB bill)- General Contribution