CHILD Children's Home signed MOU with IITM Pravartak for the upcoming Vocational Training Centre - Thiramai Institute of Career Skills as on 16 February 2024, Friday

Key Objectives of this MoU are:

  • Technology Intervention in Rural Education for children coming from destitute families.
  • Rural Women Empowerment with work enablement in Rural India
  • Readiness for respective employment opportunities coupled with academic qualifications
  • 1. Teaching in Native Language (Mother-tongue) at a slower pace is essential.
    2. Thiramai will be Interaction Centre for IITM in Kollatur, Chennai, Tamilnadu.
    3. Provide live online teaching and virtual reality sessions based on technology.
    4. Expand Reach of children through this program
  • Science Experiments
  • 1. To inspire our students with a strong aim
    2. Live demonstration of science experience
    3. Enhance attention and retention span in Children.
    4. STEM tutors to show science experiments and their uses in practical ways.
  • Educated Women to train in Software Testing & Data Entry Operations
  • 1. Women Testers to do Quality Assurance to products of startups.
    2. To enable recruitment of rural women testers by Startups

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